Seconds in Value

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Sound is usually an element associated with musicians, but it can also become a language for the creator of plastic images using a sound image generative connection. Graphic elements surround sound notes. As intensity and duration leave marks on my consciousness, images receive shape, form and start to build objects. This way a type of materialization, that is in a permanent interdependence between sound and object, appears. The object’s perception can’t visually exist, can’t communicate alone without sound.

The project is a sound and wind experiment. The recorded sound belongs to the wind, to which I added objects made of metal, wood, plastic, glass, and the sound of fans. An interaction between a natural element, the wind, and human made elements is created. Therefore the composition and the orchestrate takes shape. The fans, as human made objects, have the role of simulating and translating the motion of the wind. Using this experiment I am trying to prove that the simplest of sounds hide something special and the instrument that I created will be able to represent these sounds on paper. I found a personal translation from the sound the wind makes, that may lack the idea of a normal melody, it can become a pure abstraction and can even become a way to communicate. And so I chose the wind as a communication element. I’m using a physical element, the wind, that transforms into mater, the energy of the fans, that eventually in turn creates a metaphysical impression. I tried to create a balance between mater and spirit. The result may be different because of the multitude of perceptions from the receiver. A sort of multiple translation.

I created an object-installation, that through vibration and air motion generated by fans produces graphic images. I tried to get a relation between  sound, movement, and drawing through a plastic form. After experimenting with different materials and canvases, I arrived at the conclusion that time and duration are the most important elements of the process. Duration is the connection between sound and drawing.