Carrier Bag for Stories of Loss

Mourning carrier: threading new bonds and spinnings of tales

17.11.2022 | DH5, Herrenstraße 5

In her essay the carrier bag theory of fiction Ursula K. Leguin retells the evolutionary story of technology by centering the carrier bag, the net, the sling at the beginning of human ways of sustaining interaction. A narrative of domination is replaced by recalling one of sharing and responding. The carrier bag gathers and puts in relation; A collective gathering of stories of loss and vulnerability. Opening up a space for carefully sharing our grief, vulnerability and to re-write our personal and collective stories of loss. We will be collectively writing and articulating a lament, exploring sound as a performative tool for loss. Engaging a dialogue with our pasts and our shared futures. Probing embodied utterances that invite us to inhabit landscapes of circular narratives.

© Photo: Angélica Sabina Piñeros