Artificial Lungs

Neue Musik Festival, 2018, Bruckner Haus, Linz, Austria
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Visualizing the sound,2017, WASP, Bucharest
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2017, University of Arts Poznan, Poland

Artificial lungs is an ongoing project started in December 2016, in which I present to the public a synesthetic experience of a gentle blowing wind. It focuses on the invisible natural movement of the air and explores shapes and materialities that reorganize the natural phenomenon into a sensorial arrangement of auditory, visual and aesthetic stimuli. Empty spherical objects of glass, ceramics and metal fill the gallery room. Their spatial arrangement and shape harmoniously amplify mutual constitutive flows of air into different tonalities. Sounds, textures and emotions discreetly stream into the air’s movement, enabling the Artificial Lung to sing the wind’s secret composition.

When the wind blows into the empty sphere, a higher pressure is created inside the object. The movement of the air circulates uninterrupted between the interior and exterior of the spherical material configuration through a delicate perforation in the walls of the objects. In the natural flux of movements, the pressure inside the globe pushes air back out, forcing more air out than was originally captured within. Thus the objects allow a continuous dynamicity between streaming flows of air. In the interaction between the wind, shape and materiality, energy is transferred into the object and projects a single resonant frequency.