4 a.m

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A: I need a place where to stay and swing through my memory. Everything has started when I met someone else dream and I dreamed the dream of that person and the dream was exactly an answer of her dream. So the journey is not just exploring my

subconsciousness, it’s the dialogue between two different and unknown persons and the journey through time and space. I met Oana 3 months ago and the last two months we’ve talked just through dreams, we got to known each other through our subconsciousness. And the spectator will be the one who will invade our territory/privacy. And we allow him/her to know us, our intimate stories. So this is also the public’s journey if they decide to sit on the swing. The dream (or not) at 4 a.m is our question and our answer. Some parts are filled with silence, with the inexistence of a dream and that silence is just a breath or just a movement in the bed, depending on the specific night….Our journey will take place over a month but for the viewer it will happen in some minutes.

O: I feel like it’s naturally, it has a soothing component, even if they’re nightmares, you still feel reassured by the fact that there is this communication between two entities, that suffer in a similar way, you know, that we have to wake up, there is still a tension, that we both have, even though we each exhibit or feel our dreams differently. Our cognitive functions are probably a bit different.